Louise Robertson

Primary Teacher

Sacred Heart Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Do Show-Me Boards Have On Learning In My Classroom?


Within classrooms many practitioners use “show-me” boards as a formative assessment strategy. With this reasoning it was decided to carry out research in regards to the use of these boards within the classroom. The question that was developed, in view of growth mindset and motivation, was, “What impact does “show-me” boards have on the learning in my classroom?

Assessment plays a crucial role in the cycle of learning and teaching, it informs practitioners of the child’s learning journey so far. It shows areas of strengths and areas that require additional support for the next steps in the individual’s journey. Quality assessment is a major focus at present within education and particularly North Lanarkshire. At a recent assessment and moderation CPD course Myra Young spoke about quality assessment and moderation as being an on-going process and how this directs further learning.

Curriculum for Excellence is seen as a curriculum in which all children can be successful learners, importance is placed in children engaging in and being supported throughout assessment, to allow all children to flourish and reach their full potential (Education Scotland, 2011). Show-me boards is a practical way that allows for the children to engage in the assessment process and become aware of their learning and development, encouraging them to outline next steps and how they can further their learning.


The aim of this professional enquiry is to investigate the impact of, and children’s motivation when using show-me boards within the classroom.

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