Lucy Cardle

Primary Teacher

St. Brendan's Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

Use of reward systems as part of online learning


Reward Systems are beneficial for teachers to use within the classroom. Education Scotland (2013) stated that positive outcomes come from improving relationships and behaviours within an establishment. These positive outcomes benefit inclusion, engagement and achievement. The enquiry was intended to help pupils engage and achieve both at home and in the classroom through a points-based reward system and compare these. McLean (2009) emphasises that difficulties are faced by teacher’s day to day when motivating children to work, therefore I feel it is inevitable that parents would face these same difficulties motivating children at home. Remote Learning is new for teachers, parents and pupils therefore motivating the pupils within a new learning environment, socially throughout a global pandemic can prove difficult.

The use of a points-based rewards system can be used as a powerful way to help teachers to promote motivation and discipline (Jones,2000). This also said by TES (2017), as a positive reward systems are an effective way of promoting good behaviour and incentives for students.
Therefore, the implementation of the rewards systems through an online platform and within the classroom is to enable engagement and positive outcomes in pupils’ learning.


The aims of this enquiry were to:

  • Encourage pupils to engage in home learning using a reward system – The Class Dojo
  • Bring the reward system into the class and compare pupil’s engagement and
    motivation with home learning and classroom learning.
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