Lucy Jane Rutherford

Primary Teacher

Auchinloch Plrimary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Does the type of feedback given have an impact on a child’s learning?


Providing children with quality feedback is an essential part of their learning journey and fundamental in helping children progress to their full potential. Children learn best, and attain better, when they are given feedback about the quality of their learning, and what they can do to make it better(Scottish Government, 2006).Providing feedback based on how a learner can improve their work is more effective than commenting on how well they have done compared to their peers (Dylan Wiliam, 2018).

In the current period of remote learning, it is crucial that children receive frequent and quality feedback to help them progress through new learning while working remotely. Garbe, Ogurlu, Logan, and Cook (2020) discuss the need for children to have teacher connections while learning remotely to ensure they remain engaged and motivated in their learning. When teachers provided their pupils with recorded or instant verbal feedback digitally, expectations were clear for the children and the quality of work they were able to produce increased (Garbe et. al. 2020). With this in mind, the following enquiry seeks to investigate the impact of written and verbal feedback on pupil learning during remote learning.

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