Lyn Johnstone


Coltness High

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What happens when I introduce pupil-led plenaries into the classroom?


As part of my school’s Department Improvement Plan (DIP) for 2018, one of the focuses is on How Good is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) 2.3 Learning, Teaching and Assessment. The school’s improvement strategy aims to ensure high levels of learning and teaching which will ultimately close the gap through raising attainment and achievement for all. Some key points of HGIOS 4 (2.3) involve pupils playing an active role in learning, often taking on leadership roles within the classroom, as well as having an understanding of their progress and how to improve. The use of pupil-led plenaries arguably incorporates both learners leading learning and assessing their own progress. Furthermore, some pupils within the S.1 class that I plan to use for this enquiry, also have low confidence in their ability in Art and Design. I wanted to investigate if involving pupils in leading learning, through pupil-led plenaries, would increase the pupils’ confidence in their ability.


The aims of this enquiry are to:

  • Evaluate the use of pupil-led plenaries in Art and Design;
  • Establish the impact of pupil-led plenaries on learner’s confidence in Art and Design.
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