Lyndsay MacFarlane

Primary Teacher

Calderbridge Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when we use Exit Passes in the classroom?


Exit Passes are becoming a prevalent tool in the classroom according to Marzano (2012), who highlights that in addition to prompting pupils to think about their learning, Exit Passes provide as a quick and easy instrument for gathering Formative Assessment information. Expanding on this, Marzano (2012) states that Exit Passes provide learners with structured opportunities to consider personal achievement of learning intentions and share any difficulties or challenges that they have found to have impacted on their learning. In the classroom, they are usually used to conclude learning experiences. As the name suggests, they can take the form of a small pass or ticket made from paper and often present a question to the Learners about the learning that has taken place. This can be a topic specific question to check understanding or a general question about the learner’s performance and achievement as described by Marzano (2012).

Considering earlier information published by Black and William (1998) related to improving classroom assessment, Exit Passes appear to be a valuable tool in progressing learning as they provide teachers with an understanding of learners’ progress and difficulties from their perspective (p.2). As implementing quality assessment processes in the classroom remains to be a focus in Scottish education (The Scottish Government, 2011), the effect of Exit Passes for formative assessment presents as an interesting topic for enquiry.


The aim of this enquiry was to find out what happens when Exit Passes are used in the classroom. Considering the timescale available for this intervention, this one aim was agreed upon.

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