Lynsey Hayworth

Primary Teacher

New Monkland Primary School

  • Cooperative Learning

To what extent do cooperative group roles increase pupils’ participation in a mixed-ability group setting?


Co-operative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small groups of pupils work together in mixed-ability groups, using a variety of activities to deepen their understanding of a subject. Cowley (2009) explains that children can learn huge amounts when working co-operatively.

Through working in groups children may not feel as exposed as they would when working individually. They can ask the members of their group to clarify information, or the instructions given by the teacher and pupils know that they will be helped because they care about the group (Slavin, 2015). By assigning different roles during co-operative group work, the researcher aims to establish if assigning roles impacts on pupils’ motivation.


The aim of this enquiry is to question whether or not pupils are motivated during co-operative learning if they are given a specific role.

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