Mairi Manners

Primary Teacher

Westfield Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When Mistakes are Celebrated in the Classroom?


Since observing growth mind-set lessons while on placements, I have been very interested in the concept and was keen to develop more understanding of how pupils can develop growth mind-set strategies in order to reach their learning goals. Dweck2017) identifies a growth mind-set as a belief that a person has basic qualities that are cultivated through your effort and strategies and that it is impossible to identify what a person is truly capable of, as opposed to a fixed mind-set in which a person has a fixed amount of intelligence. With a fixed mind-setupils tend to view mistakes as bad thing and they are usually afraid to answer questions in case they make a mistake. However, Hodson (2016) recognises that some of the best discoveries and inventions have come from mistakes that people have made, and that the classroom environment should be a place where mistakes should be accepted and encouraged.


The aims of this practitioner enquiry were to investigate whether pupil’s attitudes towards making mistakes during maths lessons could be changed when their mistakes are celebrated in the classroom.

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