Maria Campbell

Primary Teacher

St Patrick's Primary School, Shotts

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What happens when I introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy to set appropriate challenge?


Planning for appropriate pace, challenge, depth and progression, and consciously promoting the development of high order thinking skills are identified as being essential criteria for delivering a successful curriculum (The Scottish Government, 2009). Critical thinking skills are vital to life in the 21st Century. Bloom’s taxonomy provides teachers with a framework to focus on higher order thinking skills. By utilising this framework on a regular basis in my planning and teaching I am able to develop skills that encourage children to become self-directed thinkers.

Of course, children need to be able to understand and answer recall questions as an essential foundation for learning, they need to remember information before they can understand it, and understand it before they can apply it. However, by asking children more complex questions develops this essential skill.

With this in mind, I have chosen to research the use of Bloom’s in my classroom in a more structured and planned setting.


The aim of this inquiry was to determine to what extent I can set challenge to the children in my classroom by developing critical thinking skills by moving up the hierarchy of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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