Maria Capanni

Primary Teacher

St. Margaret of Scotland Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact, if any, do Exit Passes Have on Informing Learners’ Next Steps?


Assessment plays a vital part in learning, teaching and the curriculum (Curriculum and Assessment Board, 2019). It is fundamental to ensuring pupil progress as it allows teachers and pupils to measure learning. According to the Scottish Government, assessment helps promote engagement by allowing them to reflect on their learning, as well as providing them with the opportunity to set goals and next steps, which is one of the main principles of assessment (Scottish Government, 2011).

The main role of assessment is to support learning and this is best achieved through a combination of both formative and summative assessment (Curriculum and Assessment Board, 2019). Black and William (1998) highlight the significance of formative assessment and identify both peer and self-assessment as methods of this. They state that self-assessment is inextricably linked to formative assessment. Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) acknowledges this stating that “children and young people can develop their confidence through thinking about and reflecting on their own learning. They should have regular time to talk about their work and to identify and reflect on the evidence of their progress and their next steps” (p19).

Recently, I have embedded self-assessment within my primary-five classroom. Providing this opportunity for my pupils to reflect on and assess their own learning seems to be extremely advantageous as it is enabling them to take ownership of their learning and become more independent learners. The strategy I have used to allow my pupils to self-assess is through the use of Exit Slips. According to Marzano (2012), exit slips are one of the easiest ways to gather information about the children’s understanding.


The aim of this practitioner enquiry was to explore the impact of exit slips in children identifying their next steps in taught writing.

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