Marie-Claire Sherlock

Primary Teacher

St. Aidan's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when we use Exit Passes in the classroom?


Self-Assessment is an important part of learning and teaching which helps the child to decide if they have understood what they were doing and if they have met the Success Criteria. Marzano (2011) highlights that the most successful lesson are the ones where students are given an activity at the end to reflect on their participation in the lesson and if they feel they have understood the learning and achieved the Learning Intention. Black and Williams (2010) highlighted that Self-Assessment plays an important part in Formative Assessment. They state that a child must be able to assess their own learning through recognition of the targets that are set for a lesson. The decision to introduce an Exit Pass would allow for this. An Exit Pass is a small piece of work that each child completes at the end of a lesson and returns to the teacher. This allows the child to think about they were learning and the aims of the lesson and decide if they felt that they had achieved the learning.


The aim of this Professional Enquiry was to identify if introducing Exit Passes into the classroom had any impact on children’s learning and if they were able to decide if they could achieve the Learning Intention or not.

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