Marisa Galgani

Physical Education

St. Aidan's High

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What Happens When Peer Learner Conversations are Introduced as a Method of Peer Assessment in the Classroom?


Based on our own personal experiences with our pupils in the classroom, we decided to carry out our practitioner enquiry on the use of learner conversations as peer-assessment in the classroom. As the use of learner conversations can be structured and planned by teachers to ensure pupils will feel some high self-esteem and a sense of confidence, it was decided that this would be a useful assessment tool to motivate pupils to reflect and engage with feedback on their own learning. According to Black and William (1998), formative assessment is a core element to effective teaching which teachers and pupils can use to engage with their own learning, increase their self-esteem and make changes in order to improve their learning. We felt that incorporating learner conversations into lessons would be an easy and effective way of finding out pupils’ ability to peer-assess. Pupils gave opinions on why they found this tool useful and obstacles that they face when using learner conversations to evaluate their own learning and to give feedback on others. Dweck (2006) and McLean (2003) believe that as teachers we can have an impact on self-esteem, engagement and motivation by scaffolding learning, in which teachers can do by using learner conversations in their lessons.


This enquiry aims to explore and evaluate what happens when learner conversations are introduced as peer-assessment in the classroom.

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