Mark Gallagher

Biology With Science

Kilsyth Academy

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Using online exit passes to raise attainment through self-assessment


It is argued that the methodology behind Reflective Practice (RP) is to make pupils aware of their preferred learning methods to promote independent learning and engagement within their respected subjects (Bolton, 2001). Nevertheless, the process Formative Assessment (FA) is equally important as it is the means to provide feedback to the educator to adjust teaching to raise student attainment (McManus, 2008). To achieve this, pupils must actively partake in self-assessment to critique their own efforts to provide the educator with means to adjust the curriculum accordingly (Linquanti, 2014). To adhere to the common understanding that FA requires the teacher to respond to evidence of pupils thought process, this enquiry employed online exit passes (Ruiz-Primo & Furtak, 2007). It was agreed by the working group leading this enquiry that online exit passes had application in a variety of different Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) level subjects and was an appropriate media that allowed pupils to engage in RP to be formatively assessed.


This enquiry aims to evaluate the success of online exit passes in raising attainment through self-assessment.

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