Martin Young


St Andrew's High

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

Can Microsoft Forms be used as a tool for feedback?


Effective feedback strategies have the potential to have a positive impact on attainment, motivation and confidence. This is why provision of feedback is one of the key aspects of effective teaching and learning. When Hattie (2003, p.5) aimed to distinguish the key features of “the expert teacher”, providing feedback was identified as a key attribute. This would suggest that feedback must be a top priority as we strive to deliver high quality education for all young people in our care.

Formative assessment and providing feedback are closely linked, issues and gaps in understanding are identified through assessment then this is used to determine the feedback given. William & Christodoulou state that “At its core, formative assessment stressed the need for assessment to be something that teachers and students respond to in order to reflect and adapt their practice” (2017, cited in Hendrick & Macpherson; p.22)

A high importance is placed on engagement with enquiry by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) Standards for Registration. Practitioners should be able “to engage critically in enquiry, research and evaluation individually or collaboratively, and apply this in order to improve teaching and learning”. This enquiry will provide an excellent opportunity to assess a new digital tool for delivering feedback and how this might be implemented to improve teaching and learning.

The period of remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic has shown a light on a number of different digital resources and how these can be used as part of regular teaching.  Pupils are now more digitally adept than ever and digital skills are increasingly important for employment. Increased use of digital resources may provide young people with more valuable skills needed for lifelong learning and beyond into employment. Developing digital skills is an important part of Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) and this enquiry will provide an opportunity to investigate and implement a new digital resource into the classroom.

In Scotland an important pillar of Curriculum for Excellence is to develop pupils into “successful learners”. Providing effective feedback is therefore an important part of each young person’s learning journey and this enquiry will investigate how this can be done digitally.


The aims of this enquiry were to investigate:

  • the impact of using Microsoft Forms as a learning tool
  • the effect using Microsoft Forms had on pupils’ understanding, attainment and overall engagement with online learning.

This study will specifically examine the effectiveness of feedback provided via the Microsoft Forms software.

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