Martyn Kelly

Primary Teacher

Newmains Primary

  • Cooperative Learning

Does Withholding the Role of the Reporter Influence Pupil Participation?


There are many different teaching strategies to consider within a classroom environment. Many children are used to working alone on tasks throughout their day to day education. However, group work also has an important role to play for pupils. Tolmie et al (2010), suggests that there is possible gain to be had from not only an academic point of view but also a gain in social skills when working alongside peers. Herman (2013) states that’s cooperative learning allow pupils to understand how to interact and communicate with others.

Alghamdi and Gillies (2013) discuss that children working in a cooperative learning environment can increase individual student achievement. They state this that is likely through children working together and being able to take into account more strategies and discuss ideas amongst one another about how to solve a particular problem.

Buchs and Butera (2015) offers a counter argument to the ideal of cooperative learning having a significant positive impact. Their evidence suggest that many teachers have voiced that not all pupils are engaged within this setup. Children are likely to allow one or two pupils to dominate the group task, resulting in others becoming restless and higher levels of disruption ensues within the classroom. Children who are not as high achieving academically may feel that they are unable to share their opinions or answers and assume that the higher achievers in their group are correct. This makes the child feel less valued and results in disengagement from the overall cooperative experience.

Kagan and Kagan (2009) believe that through cooperative learning and allowing the children to build on their social skills is essential for future employability as most organisations depend on their staff working together within a team setting.


The aim of this enquiry was to review the effects of withholding the role of the reporter until the end of the cooperative learning lesson, on pupil engagement.

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