Matthew MacDermid

Primary Teacher

St. Thomas' Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when we use Exit Passes in the classroom?


The make up of the Curriculum for Excellence encompasses many strands, one in particular is that of assessment. Assessment is for Learning places the child at the centre of learning allowing ownership and responsibility towards creating appropriate next steps, this championed by Vygotsky as “assessment for development” (Hayward and Spencer, cited in Carroll and McCulloch 2014: 167). The use of Formative Assessment incorporates “sharing learning goals with pupils, involving pupils in Self-Assessment, effectively questioning pupils and providing them with effect feedback that informs the pupil of their next steps and how to take them” (Black and William, 1998:2). Building the Curriculum 2 (2007) advocates that practitioners’ behest power onto the child to promote engagement within assessment, this valuing the holistic aims and principles of the Curriculum for Excellence. Therefore, this Practitioner Enquiry set out to analyse the educational benefit that Exit Passes may have as means of Formative Assessment throughout learning.


The central research question for this investigation was to obtain qualitive research information on the following:

“What happens when we use exit passes in the classroom?”

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