Megan Arbuckle

Primary Teacher

Balmalloch Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What impact does online social interaction have on pupil engagement?


This enquiry was conducted in order to gauge whether the availability of social interaction has an impact on the levels of social engagement while digital learning. It is recognised by Sciaraffa, Zeanah and Zeanah (2018) that in order to learn successfully, children must have a stable foundation of various factors but in particular, a good level of wellbeing. This includes the individual’s emotional and social wellbeing (Sciaraffa et al, 2018). This study was conducted at a time of lockdown where the usual social and emotional interactions that would take place at school were not possible and so aimed to facilitate these social interactions on a digital platform. Conclusions would subsequently be drawn on the effects of these social interactions on the engagement with tasks set by class teachers.     


The purpose of the enquiry was to: 

  • Introduce ‘live check-in’ sessions via the Microsoft Teams learning platform 
  • Monitor pupil engagement with online tasks and live check-in attendance  
  • Present data collected and establish whether social interaction via live check-ins subsequently increases children’s engagement with online tasks 
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