Megan Clancy


St. Maurice's High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Pupils are Given Regular Feedback by a Peer Supporter?


The topic of formative assessment is one which is often discussed in great detail, and opinions on the matter vary greatly. (Cauley & McMillan , 2010) Formative Assessment can also be described through the introduction of Assessment is For Learning (AiFL) in that “The thrust of that Assessment for Learning movement was to supply meaningful feedback for learning to occur, helping individuals to move forward from their current position.” (Bryce, Humes, Gillies , & Kennedy, 2018, p. 590). Taking this into account, the need for feedback to be of value is essential to ensure that pupils can progress fully. In the 2005, Jones stated that “the value of feedback is dependent on two factors: The quality of the feedback and how learners receive and ultimately use it.”


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the use of structure and focused criteria when pupils provide each other with feedback on tasks completed in class. The evidence gathered looks to see if there is an increase in value to feedback when it is given alongside a set of criteria. It also looked into the confidence levels of pupils when they are asked to give each other feedback, seeing if there is a difference between structured and unstructured.

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