Megan Craig


St Maurice's High

  • Behaviour Management

How Does Using Class Dojo Affect Pupil Behaviour In Broad General Education Classes?


This practitioner enquiry was focused on promoting positive behaviour within the classroom. As a secondary practitioner I have found that low level disruptive behaviours can have a big impact on the learning environment and the teaching and learning within a classroom. Throughout the education community there has been a lot of research into improving behaviour and eliminating disruptions of lessons.

Urdan and Schoenfelder (2006) stated that positive relationships and effective behaviour management strategies are key to creating a positive learning environment. This is supported by research that states reward systems for positive behaviour are effective in promoting a positive learning environment (Payne 2015).

After considering a range of possible strategies it was decided that ClassDojo would be used to promote positive behaviour for this enquiry. ClassDojo is designed as a communication tool to help modify pupil behaviour by promoting and rewarding positive behaviour. All pupils are assigned a personal character for representation. Each character or the whole class can be rewarded or deducted points. This can help create a community within the classroom for pupils. Shan, Li, Shi, Wang and Cai (2014) found that students are more engaged and enthusiastic about learning when their teacher creates a community within the classroom.

This enquiry introduced two types of rewards, an individual reward for each pupil and a collective reward for all learners, this helps build community within the class as pupils are working towards a common goal. There is evidence to suggest that pupils having responsibility for their own learning can improve behaviour and encourage them to be motived and more focused (The Scottish Government 2017). Pupils are individually accountable for their actions, but these have an impact on the outcomes for the whole class (TES 2017).


The aim of this small-scale classroom based practitioner enquiry was to investigate whether using ClassDojo would have an impact on pupil behaviour in BGE classes.

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