Megan Cree


Cumbernauld Academy

  • Classroom Management & Behaviour Management

The Use of Anonymous Rewards Systems in the Classroom


Rewards systems are often used in the classroom to encourage engagement, participation, motivation and to promote positive behaviour.

Whole class rewards systems can inspire pupils to behave and work towards a common goal, increasing pupil’s motivation to behave well and work together, this in turn can support teachers. Teachers can implement rewards systems with very limited resources and still achieve some success in terms of improved behaviour from pupils. “Improving relationships and behaviour in establishments leads to positive outcomes around inclusion, engagement and achievement” (Education Scotland, 2013). If rewards systems could positively impact student motivation, this could lead to improved student participation in the classroom.


“Good deeds deserve good treats, so children are likely to change or improve their behaviour if they are motivated to do so by reward expectation” (Gamolo, G, E, N.d). The aim of the enquiry was to assess the impact of whole class anonymous rewards systems in the secondary classroom.

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