Megan Davidson

Primary Teacher

Old Monkland Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Checklists, Two Stars and a Wish, Think for Pink and Green for Growth in the Classroom


According to the Scottish Government (2005), assessment should be an integral part of the classroom in today’s society. Studies from Black & William (1888) have indicated that assessment can help improve student attainment. Peer assessment refers to the process of individuals providing information to their peers, based on their performance or engagement of a task. Hattie (1999) states that when feedback is used effectively, it is the most powerful single moderator that enhances child achievement. Peer assessment can provide pupils with several stimulating and meaningful learning experiences. Peer assessment encourages open discussions and the chance to work in collaboration with peers. Therefore, transferable skills such as talking and listening, problem solving skills and working effectively in collaboration with others are learned (Bryce, 2018).

I decided to focus on this area of enquiry, as the children within my class are continuously working towards taking responsibility for their own learning. Additionally, taught writing is part of my current school’s improvement plan. Therefore, it was an appropriate subject area for me to enquire about, to determine if this would have any positive impact or improvement on children’s writing.


Firstly, the aim of this enquiry is to introduce a specific peer assessment check list. This is during taught writing lessons, to determine if using this improves children’s quality of work. Secondly, the enquiry also aims to identify if the checklist improves the quality of feedback given by children.

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