Megan Love


Coatbridge High School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when pupils peer assess using a specific success criteria checklist?


Education Scotland highlights in Building the Curriculum 5 (2011) that the active involvement of pupils in assessment is crucial to guarantee they are responsible for their own and others learning. Therefore, the main goal of this research project is to focus on improving pupils learning through peer assessment. Mike Gershon (2013) explains that peer assessment opens up the assessment process for pupils. It gives pupils the opportunity to use success criteria to make judgments. This will help learners to understand what their own work is being judged against, what a good piece of work is, and how they can make their own work better. In my opinion, this is what I want peer assessment to be and as a probationer teacher I undertook this inquiry to understand if peer assessment checklists can provide this opportunity.


The aim of this inquiry was to provide eighteenupils in an S.1 class with a peer assessment checklist after group performances in the Drama classroom to investigate if it improved pupil learning. This would determine if it would improve the quality of feedback and as a result improve their knowledge and understanding.

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