Melissa Harper

Primary Teacher

St. Helen's Primary

  • Health & Wellbeing

Mindful Pausing in the Classroom (Group 2F)


The research study was chosen by a mix of primary and secondary school probationers. As a group, we discussed different challenges we face in our roles and agreed on a common issue that occurs in all our classrooms and came up with various strategies we could implement to try and resolve them. It will investigate the effects mindful pausing has on children’s engagement and concentration levels in the classroom. Lottman, Zawaly and Niemiec (2017) states that, mindfulness builds character within individuals, builds positive relationships and increases children’s focus towards learning. This is further backed up by the McIntyre article (2018) who found that mindfulness pausing resulted in an increase in attention.


The aims of this enquiry were to introduce mindful pauses at the beginning of Literacy lessons and compare whether there was an increase in concentration levels and improvement in quality and quantity of work completed. Also, to measure the noise levels throughout the lesson and compare these to the noise levels in lessons without mindfulness pauses. This enquiry will also gauge the children’s thoughts and opinions of the implementation of mindful pauses through working with a focus group.

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