Melissa Rae

Primary Teacher

New Monkland Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Exit Passes Are Used In The Classroom?


Assessment is fundamental to pupil progress as it allows teachers to measure children’s learning. Evidently, A Curriculum For Excellence (CFE) and Assessment is for Learning (AiFL) principles are interlinked and are vital to developing effective teaching and learning. There has been much investigation into what type of assessment works most effectively; formative or summative. (Black and Williams, 2001:6) highlights the importance of formative assessment and states that this has developed into peer and self-assessment, which is said to be effective for children over the age of five. Recently, I have embedded self, peer and teacher assessment within the classroom as this is allowing my primary 7 class to take ownership of their own learning. I am now narrowing my focus through this enquiry to find out how successful the use of ‘exit passes’ will be in the classroom as a form of self- assessment.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the success of exit passes as a formative assessment tool and the impact of this in a primary classroom.

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