Michael Clarke


St. Ambrose High

  • Assessment For Learning

The Effect of Exit Passes in the Classroom


Assessment for learning (AfL) is a very important matter in education. AfL is a strategy that is supported by numerous educational experts (Black & Wiliam, 2009, Black & Wiliam, 1998). There are a variety of ways in which assessment can be carried out in the classroom. One method that is supported by research is formative assessment (Martos-Garcia et al, 2017). The use of formative assessment within the classroom is something that can prove to be a successful strategy in learning (Almuntasheri, 2016). Numerous methods have been implemented throughout education, this enquiry will focus on the impact of exit passes as a form of self-assessment.


The purpose of this enquiry was to:

  • Investigate the impact of exit passes on teaching and learning
  • Analyse the impact of different styles of exit pass for teaching and learning
  • Review pupil responses and investigate the correlation between exit pass information, response rate and quality
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