Michael Edward Travers

Primary Teacher

Rochsolloch Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

Will the introduction of a weekly mindfulness journal promote individual self-regulation in primary aged children?


The Scottish Attainment challenge seeks to raise attainment for all children, by removing barriers to learning whether they are social, emotional or academic. These barriers can effect pupil concentration and engagement in the learning taking place in the classroom (Gov.scot, 2021) 

One of the most effective ways to raise attainment has been found to be helping students improve their metacognitive abilities. Metacognition strategies have been used as a framework from which to explore children’s understanding of their own learning processes thereby promoting more effective learning and positive attainment (Cornoldi, C., 2015) 

This year Covid-19 has raised a number of challenges for students. Many students will have experienced longer periods of isolation from friends and family members, as well as periods of time where they are unable to attain the school physically. This of course can be damaging to the mental health of many students.  

Mindfulness originated in the Eastern Buddhist traditions and has become increasingly popular in schools and with the general public over the last number of years. Mindfulness teaches one to focus on the present moment, as well as to become aware of and accept one’s feelings and emotions (Kuyken, W., 2013).  

Research has shown the benefits of mindfulness meditation and how it can be used to regulate emotions in a way that aversive stimuli will be viewed, thus allowing the person to be free of attachment from said negative feelings (Jones, T., 2018) 


The aim of this enquiry is to evaluate the impact of the introduction of a Mindfulness Journal to promote self-regulation strategies and to explore the effectiveness of mindfulness strategies. It is anticipated that the Mindfulness Journal, will have a positive effect on pupils’ ability to self-regulate their emotional responses. 

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