Michael Fagan


St. Margaret's High

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What Happens When Differentiated Questioning Is Used In The Classroom?


Differentiated questioning in the classroom is essential in order for all pupils to maximise their learning. Implementing differentiation in the classroom – out-with arranging pupils into differentiated groups – is a pertinent issue in education. Teachers must avoid making pupils feel like they are being negatively highlighted; an essential aspect for a pupil’s confidence and progression. Making sure able pupils are also challenged is of equal importance; a balance must be found for all pupils. The focus of this practitioner enquiry is to investigate the success of pupil progression, using Bloom’s Taxonomy, through differentiated close reading worksheets and whole class discussion.


The aims of this enquiry is to evaluate the success of allowing pupils to challenge themselves when selecting close reading worksheets with differentiated questioning and through whole class discussion. Bloom’s Taxonomy will be used to determine if pupils have been successful with their learning.

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