Michela Tomei

Primary Teacher

All Saints Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when pupils peer assess using a specific success criteria checklist?


Assessment, in all formats, is known and regarded to be a vital part of the teaching, planning and learning cycle. Assessment is necessary in assessing pupil progress, understanding and in highlighting any gaps in learning. As a result of this, it is clear that assessment serves as a driver for providing next steps and targets for the pupils to aspire to and work towards. This cycle encourages pupils to become reflective of their work, while allowing them to improve and develop as successful learners. It is also believed that pupils learn best when they receive feedback on their work and are provided with advice and targets for their future learning (Black and Wiliam, 1998). Assessment is for Learning plays a major role in assessing pupils across Scottish Education, one way in which we can do this is through the use of quality peer assessment that allows children to be critical about their peers’ work, and as a result allows them to continually improve and develop.


The aim of this inquiry was to improve the quality of feedback given by pupils when engaging in peer assessment through using a success criteria based checklist. Thus, encouraging pupils to focus specifically on the intended learning and as a result allowing the pupils to use this quality feedback to further improve and develop their work and learning.

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