Michelle Dineen

English Teacher

St Maurice's High School

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the impact on teaching and learning when children use an exit pass?


Assessment is for learning (Aifl) is designed in order to promote learning and teaching within the classroom in order to enable the learning process to move forward. Anchored firmly in curriculum and assessment as well as learning and teaching, Aifl allows for progression within the classroom via a variety of Aifl strategies. Such strategies prove beneficial to the pupil in allowing them to identify their strengths and next steps. Implementing Aifl strategies allows feedback from pupils on what they understand as well as identifying areas where they need support. Teachers in turn are able to adapt their lessons at a pace that matches the ability of their pupils allowing for progression within a lesson to take place. The focus of this enquiry is to investigate the impact that one Aifl strategy- exit passes has on teaching and learning within the secondary classroom by ‘providing the pupil with a safe place to respond’. (Leigh, 2012:195)


The aim of this small scale enquiry was to investigate the impact of using an exit pass on teaching and learning and whether the pupil feedback would alter future learning and teaching within the classroom. Not only this, but it was a way of investigating where pupils were in terms of the learning process and whether or not they could identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses within the subject.

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