Michelle Gallagher

Primary Teacher

St. Monica's Primary

  • Transitions

What happens when I introduce music as a technique to facilitate transitions?


During this enquiry my team and I focused on encouraging quick and efficient transitions aided through the technique of music. We found that getting the children settled and on task quickly was something we all wished to improve, and we thought music would facilitate this as it ‘‘effectively helps children transition more quickly within the organisation of the school day’’ (Register and Humpal, 2007). This was relevant to the needs of the pupils in my Primary two class as infants can spend a while transitioning between outdoors and indoors, and becoming ready within appropriate timescales.

In my class there are many children with Additional Support Needs who have difficulty focusing on tasks. I thought that this enquiry would have a positive effect on their learning as music is one of the ‘‘positive mediums that contribute significantly to the learning experience of children with intellectual disabilities’’ (Surujlal, 2013). I also knew that completing transitions using music would be enjoyable for the children as they like learning through singing songs.


The aims of this Practitioner Enquiry were to determine the impact that music has on transition times, and to determine if the type of music has an impact on the children’s readiness to learn.

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