Michelle Hardie

Primary Teacher

Dunrobin Primary School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What is the impact of the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy when questioning pupils?


Building the Curriculum 4 (2009) advocates the development of higher order thinking skills in all phases of learning and their positive relationship with the development of critical literacy skills. Furthermore Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy (2014) advocates higher order thinking skills are key to supporting lifelong learning, which is a necessity for children to be successful in the modern workforce. Concurrently the School Improvement Plan targets an improvement in reading and comprehension attainment. Consequently introducing Bloom’s questioning, an approach aimed at promoting higher order thinking skills, aligns with government and school policy.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover what happens when Bloom’s Taxonomy is used for questioning in the classroom. Given the link made between the development of higher order thinking and progression in the understanding of texts (The Scottish Government, 2009) this enquiry will evaluate the impact on reading comprehension for a small reading group.


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