Monica Kane

Primary Teacher

Our Lady & St. Francis Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

To what extent does the implementation of a daily challenge increase online engagement?


Scotland’s schools and teachers have faced many new challenges through the ongoing development of online learning though the aims remained the same: to raise standards, close the attainment gap and prepare children and young people for their future (Scottish Government, 2016) However, the delivery and transfer of these skills was different. During the first school closures, a survey indicated that primary schools were “fairing even worse” than high schools, and that some learners had been “completely off radar” (Mackay, 2020). Due to this, Scottish schools have had a particular focus on increasing engagement throughout current online learning. By reflecting on their prior online teaching and learning, teachers indicated to HM Inspectors that a method of increasing online engagement is through “fun, interactive tasks” (Scottish Government, 2021: 8). In undertaking an enquiry, I considered this advice and the effect this could have on my own class. Through implementing a fun daily challenge, I will critically analyze the impact this has on online engagement. In addition, I hoped to maintain the positive relationships I had developed with the children to ensure that when the learner’s returned to school they would still feel safe, respected and cared for within our classroom environment.  


The aim of this enquiry was to measure the impact that fun daily challenges had on pupils’ engagement during online learning. 

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