Monica Livingstone

Primary Teacher

St. Kevin's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Core Targets are Regularly Referred to Prior to Literacy Lessons in Class?


My rationale for choosing this particular enquiry topic is because I often found that there was an irregularity of core targets in literacy tasks. I feel completing this enquiry will help me understand the possible effects of referring to core targets on a regular basis and in turn provide guidance on how to best implement the concept into everyday learning and teaching. One of the benefits of practitioner research is to “inform and empower people to work collectively to produce some beneficial change” (Berg, 2001, p. 184). This is important in education as education is going through constant change and development. The need for teachers to engage in research to improve practice is vital and enhances development of teaching through practitioner enquiry. The collaboration of research and practitioner enquiry leads teachers to a wider knowledge of classroom practice and educational advances. This in turn can help those who engage to improve learning and teaching in their school and classroom by implementing what they have learned and by reflecting on their practice. For this particular enquiry I feel it will gain insight into the effectiveness of core targets and whether children respond differently if the targets are regularly referred to.


The aim of this enquiry is to investigate whether regularly referring to core targets have an effect on children’s use of the targets. It will give an insight into the effectiveness of having core targets and if they are used more appropriately when they are referred to on a regular basis.

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