Monica O’Brien

Primary Teacher

Greenhill Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What is the impact on pupil participation and involvement in live lessons when using the interactive features on Microsoft Teams?


Cheney, 1989 discusses the importance of routine and structure in children’s learning, this is applicable not only to the ‘normal’ classroom environment but also in the context of remote online learning. Due to the period of Remote Learning caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams Live Lessons replaced in class learning and the interactive features available during online learning can evidently mirror high-quality classroom practice.  


The aim of this enquiry is to determine the level of impact that the use of interactive features available in Microsoft Teams can have on learners’ participation and engagement during live lessons.  

Discussion will take place around the differences in levels of engagement between before and after the implementation of interactive features during live lessons, that mirror classroom initiatives and activities, and how the use of such features impacts on pupil participation and quality of learning and teaching.  

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