Morgan Jessimer

Primary Teacher

Christ the King Primary

  • Digital Learning: Learner Preference

An enquiry into learner preference using Kahoot versus Microsoft Forms


Pupil engagement has been recognised as having a direct and important impact on the emotional, behavioural and cognitive wellbeing of learners (Clerkin and Creaven, 2013). Therefore, it is imperative that all teachers value pupil engagement and seek out ways in which to excite and involve pupils in their learning. Focusing on digital platforms in this enquiry and their ability to raise learner engagement was in direct response to remote learning, and the need for teachers to investigate and adopt a new way of teaching. In utilising online quiz platforms, there was an opportunity to assess children’s work remotely, whilst also investigating their individual responses to new ways of learning on devices that are familiar to them. It was not only necessary to move to online platforms but studies have shown a rise in learner interest when digital platforms are introduced throughout their learning (Dele-Ajayi et al, 2019) and I was particularly interested in discovering for myself the impact that this could potentially have on the pupils in my care.  


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate whether or not the engagement of pupils was influenced by the introduction of Kahoot or Microsoft Forms throughout the period of remote learning.  If engagement was influenced, there was also an interest placed on which online assessment platform had a greater impact on learners, and whether an increase in engagement was a direct outcome of Kahoot or Microsoft Forms. The enquiry was focused on a class of Primary 4 pupils and which online platform they were more comfortable with and enjoyed using. It is also important to note that the children involved were previously unfamiliar with both online platforms.  

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