Nadia Bowman

Primary Teacher

St. Margaret of Scotland Primary School

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when I introduce Think-Pair-Share in my classroom?


Think-pair-share was chosen as several pupils within my primary 5 classroom were worried and unwilling to share their ideas, thoughts and responses. Children who were highly able were more likely to answer questions and provide ideas whilst children who require greater support were not. Dweck (2017) claims that intellectual ability can be cultivated which highlighted to me that children can increase their knowledge through learning from one another. Think-pair-share is designed to provide a structured opportunity for pupils to reflect on a subject before voicing their thoughts. Its purpose for the individual participant is to refine and clarify personal viewpoints, prepare rationale to support them and to mentally rehearse how to communicate them to others (Holcomb, 2001). 


The aims of this enquiry were to investigate:

  • the impact of think-pair-share on children’s learning.
  • the impact of think-pair-share on children’s confidence to speak out within the classroom.
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