Nadine Sinclair

Primary Teacher

Whitelees Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

How does the use of Assessment is For learning help to encourage online participation?


Given the move to remote learning it was logical to have a digital focus for this enquiry given the limited access to the classroom. Learning digitally has resulted in many challenges for pupils and teachers. A common challenge experienced was pupil engagement with online learning.

Engagement is understood as the quality of relationship between teacher and students and between peers (McLean, 2003). Children value the sense of belonging to a learning community that is established through interactions with their teacher and peers. These established interactions and relationships motivate children and young people to complete learning tasks. It has been established that “High quality interactions between learners and staff lie at the heart of learning,” (Scottish Executive, 2008). As these interactions were unable to take place it was recorded that some children were not engaging with their learning.

For children change is often difficult as some pupils lack the internal confidence to engage in new activities due to fear of failure (William, 2016). This uncertainty and doubt can result in a loss of motivation to learn and achieve. It is argued that in order to understand what drives student motivation, four elements must be considered. These are engagement, stimulation, structure and feedback (McLean, 2003). This practitioner enquiry will consider the elements mentioned in response to pupil engagement during online learning. Increased live lessons will be introduced in order to increase and maintain engagement. These sessions will allow for real-time feedback and personalised support to be given to the children. It is understood that feedback is only effective and meaningful when this is given promptly (Conroy et al, 2009) and live lessons will allow for this to take place while online. Support calls will also be offered as additional live sessions where children can as questions about their learning.


This enquiry, aims to investigate the use of live lessons within the online platform to promote pupil engagement and motivation. It is hoped that this will provided a means to enhance the learning experience pupils are given. The enquiry will compare and evaluate pupil engagement during remote learning.

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