Natalie Dunn


St. Aidan's High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Exit Passes are Used as a Self-Assessment Tool?


Based on our own personal experiences in our classrooms we decided to conduct our practitioner enquiry on the use of exit-passes in the classroom. We identified that our pupils found it difficult to self-reflect and evaluate their learning. We believed that if we incorporated a self-assessment element into every lesson, by using an exit pass, then it would enhance and encourage pupils to become more responsible for their learning and to improve their ability to self-assess. Black and William (1998) argued that formative assessment is at the ‘heart of effective teaching ‘and the Scottish Government holds self-assessment in high regard, as it is an essential part of learning and teaching and within the Curriculum for Excellence. We felt that using exit passes could be incorporated into our lessons easily and that it was the most simple and effective way of gathering evidence of pupils ability to self- assess. Marzano (2012) maintains that teachers use exit passes as they are ‘easy to use in the classroom’ and that they can have a ‘positive influence in pupils learning’.


This investigation aims to explore and evaluate the use of exit passes in a secondary Spanish classroom.

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