Natalie Hynes

Primary Teacher

St. Stephen's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Exit Passes in the Classroom


 Our group consisted of both Primary and Secondary teachers and it was identified that a common area for development in all classrooms was the use of the formative assessment tool exit passes. Exit passes are often used to conclude and evaluate a lesson and often present a question to the learners about the learning that has taken place; allowing them to reflect on their work with a topic specific question to check understanding or a general question about the learner’s performance and achievement. Black and William (1998) argued that formative assessment is at the heart of effective teaching. They termed assessment as being activities which are undertaken by both teachers and students through self-assessment. They continue that when children reflect on their own work, their results can improve. To allow this self-reflection to become imbedded within the classroom Marzano (2012) states that Exit Passes could be used to provide learners with an opportunity to consider personal achievement of learning intentions and reflect on any difficulties or challenges that they found.

In correspondence with this the GTCS (2012) states that a key role of an effective classroom teacher is to implement a range of formative assessment strategies to support pupils learning and improve pupil achievement. Such methods can include exit passes which should allow teachers to quickly assess pupil’s progress and as a result, teachers can reflect and adapt their practice to better meet the needs of pupils Therefore, this Practitioner Enquiry set out to analyse the educational benefit that exit passes may have as means of Formative Assessment throughout learning. This was specifically chosen as it was decided that formative assessment was something which we collectively wished to develop within our classrooms.


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the use of exit passes and their effect on children’s learning in the classroom environment.

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