Natalie Roncone


Our Lady's High, Cumbernauld

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live lessons promote pupil engagement?


This paper offers an inquiry to gauge the effectiveness of distinct strands of policy and strategy that have been implemented to address the multi-faceted approaches to online learning propagated by the ongoing pandemic, specifically addressing the efficacy of live lessons to promote pupil engagement. Though the approximation to the evolution of either School policy on Digital Learning or critical pedagogy that informs pupil engagement cannot possibly include all strands that have developed here; the narrative attempts to make sense of the infinite complexity of the field and explore North Lanarkshire Council’s directive for teachers “to establish a digital pedagogy which engages learners and delivers a high quality learning experience for all” (NLC, 2021).


Whilst the education community views active participation as synonymous with their professional responsibility, the danger of gripping too stringently to the idea of live lessons is the temptation to avoid thinking prudently about uniting the live lesson experience to the doctrinal and skills training that schools are charged to provide (Corley, 2008). This paper aims to investigate the idea of increasing engagement through a calculated learning structure that effectively connects the live lessons to the advancement of student skills and knowledge. This inquiry thus, fills the gap in current literature by proposing a specific learning structure to be implemented within the live learning paradigm, thereby directly confronting the Achilles heel of most live lesson ‘engagement’: the teacher driven curriculum (Capel, Leask & Younie, 2019). The following segment offers some specific examples and ideas for effecting these philosophies.

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