Natalie Young

Primary Teacher

Chryston Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using Microsoft Teams meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning


Digital Learning is embedded within Curriculum for Excellence. It is suggested that using digital technology can enhance learning and teaching for all. Digital learning can be used to raise attainment and opportunities for all whilst improving learners’ digital skills (Scottish Government, 2016).  

There are many benefits for pupils who engage in all aspects of their learning. Pupils who participate and engage can see enhancements in their commitment to learning, achievement, enjoyment, self-esteem and also their aspirations for their academic success and future (Jennings 2003, Pancer, Pratt, Hunsberger, & Alisar 2007 and Peck, Roeser, Zarrett, & Eccles, 2008).  

This enquiry was chosen due to the ongoing national covid-19 crisis. In school learning stopped due to a national lockdown and was moved to an online platform. To continue to engage children in their learning whilst consolidation previously taught work and undertaking new learning I have focused on using a daily Microsoft Teams meeting to increase pupil engagement. The aim of this is to provide the children with the opportunity to engage in live teaching and interactions with their teacher and peers whilst being provided with rich learning experiences which they would receive in school under normal circumstances.  


The aim of the practitioner enquiry was to determine the effect Microsoft Teams meetings had on engagement via remote learning with a primary 5 class.  

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