Nicole Glencross

Primary Teacher

Langloan Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What effects will the introduction of a peer-assessment checklist have on literacy tasks?


Assessment is for Learning (AifL) refers to assessments that are carried out to promote students learning as opposed to simply assessing academic performance (Black, 2004). Peer -assessment is one of many AifL strategies used within classrooms. It allows children to discuss success criteria and identify their strengths and weaknesses in a given area (Topping, 2009). Leahy et al. (2005) suggest that children are more likely to identify errors in their partner’s work than their own. This in turn allows for effective and supportive dialogue to occur between children, which promotes a deeper understanding of the task for both learners (Bryce, 2013). However, do children lack the confidence and experience to mark their peer fairly when the tool is newly introduced? (Kaufman & Schunn, 2011).


The aim of this enquiry was to find what impact, if any, a peer-assessment checklist would have on learners work across literacy.

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