Nicole Wallace

Primary Teacher

Corpus Christi Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using Microsoft Teams meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning


Although there is no globally accepted definition, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development(CIPD)(2021)define digital learning as learning that is considered to be facilitated, enabled or mediated using technology for the specific purpose of training, learning or development in establishments. Universally, digital learning has progressed rapidly in education, particularly in the past year as a result of the worldwide pandemic. According to Fletcher and Griffiths (2020) it has transformed educational practice and has meant that learners can stay connected in the remote learning environment. Verhoef et al (2021) expands on this, describing digital learning as a tool utilised by practitioners to support teaching and learning in order for children to still progress and achieve under the current circumstances. There are a vast range of technologies that can be employed, however, North Lanarkshire Council’s Digital Learning and Teaching Guidance (2020) revealed that the central forms of communication used by practitioners and families within this establishment are Glow and Office 365 tools. As a result, my school utilised Microsoft Teams as our platform for communicating with and educating pupils. The School Improvement Plan indicates that away in which we stay united, is through regular Teams meetings. This is essentially live check-in sessions for the children to engage with their classmates and their teacher. It is the closest learners can get to face to face interaction and provides children with opportunities to discuss any questions or concerns they have in relation to their learning.

For this reason and for the purpose of this enquiry, group 1H decided to focus their question on this as it is ongoing and extremely relevant in today’s society. This area has been chosen as we wanted to explore these live meets and discover if they are beneficial in increasing children’s engagement in digital learning. This is an area of interest to a variety of people, including my group and the school as a whole, to see if this had an impact on learners in a positive way.


This enquiry aimed to evaluate the use of Teams meetings in increasing the children’s engagement with digital learning.

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