Nikki Thomson

Primary Teacher

Berryhill Primary

  • Cooperative Learning

What Happens When We Explicitly Set Social Learning Intentions in a Classroom?


This was an area of interest as I thought it would be beneficial to the children in my class, as- in some cases – a lack of social skills disrupts learning experiences in a multitude of ways.

Due to the area of high deprivation that the school is based in, children may lack opportunities to develop social skills and so, by giving a specific target to focus on each week in the class, children were offered the opportunity to improve and develop these skills.

Social interactions are believed to be one of the most vital components of successful inclusion (Garrote et al., 2017) which could make matters difficult for those with social deficits, enhancing the importance of a focus on sociality in class. If socially included, children tend to feel valued, have high levels of engagement, and have stronger relationships (Falkmer, Granlund, Nyholm, & Falkmer, 2012). All of these factors have a major affect on a child’s performance at school.

Child A showed particular struggles with social skills prior to the study and so they were a major focus as I felt it was of great importance to ensure that they were included and therefore able to thrive if possible.


This enquiry aims to assess what happens when a social learning intention is introduced within a classroom.

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