Olivia King


St Margaret's High

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

Using Microsoft Forms as a tool to formatively assess S1 pupil understanding during online learning


Pupils are continuously encouraged to be involved within their own learning, there is a push to include active learning within the classroom setting and this allows for pupils to actively be assessed. To promote learning and engagement of pupils, formative assessment is a suitable framework to implement into lessons (Lipnevich et al., 2013). There is a range of strategies which can be used to formatively assess pupils both in class and during online learning. Group and peer discussions, quizzes and exit passes are some examples of formative assessment strategies which can be used (Laveault and Allal, 2016).

This framework is used to determine the level learners are working at and their understanding of the current lessons at hand. Formatively assessing pupils can also allow an indication in what needs to be done and how it can be achieved to help pupils progress with their learning (Ramaprasad, 1983). Guiding pupils through their learning is the responsibility of the teacher by providing feedback, as well as support and the responsibility of the pupil to assess their own learning and understanding. The most powerful motivation for learning, comes from within (McLean, 2003).

By continuously formatively assessing pupils, learning can be improved as pupils understanding of lessons and context is improved. Teachers can assist with shaping the mind-set of pupils, helping to shape self-motivation (McLean, 2003).

Due to this, the enquiry will focus on the use of Forms on Microsoft Teams as a useful tool to determine pupil understanding of lessons, using it as an exit pass strategy, allowing pupils to reflect on their lessons.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the effects of using Microsoft Forms as a tool for formative assessment on pupils’ learning during online lessons. The forms were used as an exit pass, allowing pupils to self-assess their learning and consolidate what had been covered.

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