Olivia Sharkey

Primary Teacher

St Mary's Primary, Coatbridge

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

How does the use of Assessment is For learning help to encourage online participation?


Since the Curriculum for Excellence became the national curriculum in 2010, there has been an on-going ambition to foster the four capacities in all young people. The four capacities being: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors (Education Scotland, 2021). With these capacities in mind practitioners understand the commitment required to ensure we meet “the needs of the whole child (including academic and social-emotional learning)” (Liew and McTigue 2010). Due to recent pandemic and the closures of schools, learning has moved online. This shift to online learning has required practitioners to reflect on teaching methods and move all learning experiences onto online platforms. This has had significant implications for education professionals and their practice, as practitioners have looked at ways to promote and improve pupil engagement with online learning. It is understood that “engagement is the link between the person and their action and can determine a person’s achievement and school behaviour” (Dearden et al, 2017 P7). Many practitioners have provided live lessons as a way of delivering the curriculum remotely to meet the needs of the pupils within their class.

The General Teaching Council Scotland indicates that teachers must be reflective practitioners. The standards for provisional registration states that a newly qualified teacher must “engage in reflective practice to develop and advance career long professional learning and practice” (GTCS,2012). A Practitioner Enquiry is not only a way for professionals to build their knowledge, but it is also a way to continue to reflect and grow in their practice. It is understood that “a successful enquiry is not simply finding an answer to a question, but one that deepens understanding by throwing up new questions” (Baumfield et al, 2013, P1). The focus of this practitioner enquiry will investigate the use of live lessons to promote engagement for pupils learning remotely. It will examine the links between visual learning and the quantity and quantity of work returned after participating in live lessons .


The aim of this enquiry was to determine what impact live lessons have on motivation and engagement for pupils who are learning remotely. The enquiry was carried out in the curricular area of numeracy.

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