Paige Beattie

Primary Teacher

Glengowan Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Use Do Show-Me Boards Have in the Classroom?


Many practitioners use “show-me” boards effectively as a formative assessment strategy and to enhance pupil engagement and participation. “Show-me” boards are used as a quick and very simple way to assess pupil understanding and will enable the class teacher to quickly observe the children that require additional support. Hiatt and Rooke (2013) highlight that ‘show-me boards have proved to be very useful tools… children respond well to them because they do not carry the threat of permanence.’ It is therefore beneficial for both the class teacher and the pupil that “show-me” boards are used to enhance learning and teaching as they have the potential to engage children in their learning and development and encourage all children to participate without worrying that they have written an incorrect answer. Children can easily wipe away their answer and immediately correct it, therefore they are identifying their mistakes. Curriculum for Excellence places emphasis on being a curriculum that enables all children to become successful learners and confident individuals (Education Scotland, 2011). Therefore, it is important that children are motivated and engaged in their learning to allowing them to progress and develop in confidence, “show-me” boards are a practical resource, easily accessible by all practitioners and they can be utilised effectively with children to allow them to flourish and grow. It is vital that all children are supported in their learning and are able to reach their full potential, “show-me” boards are a tool that have the ability to foster successful learners as all children are involved throughout their learning and assessment process (Education Scotland, 2011).


The aim of this professional enquiry was to investigate the uses “show-me” boards have within the classroom.

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