Paige Clark

Primary Teacher

Keir Hardie Primary

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when we introduce ‘Think, Pair, Share’ in the classroom?


Think, Pair, Share (TPS) allows all pupils to participate and engage in their learning through discussion. The strategy is used as a means of assessment in order to check for understanding of a particular skill or concept. Braun (2017) highlights that TPS increases pupil participation and confidence by sharing their ideas with a partner. Introducing TPS in the classroom was an area I was interested in developing especially as a means of assessing pupils learning and ensuring all pupils were actively engaged in their learning (Raba, 2017). Implementing TPS has also sought to improve communication and listening skills (Brady and Tsay, 2010), which is a particular area that could be developed in my Primary 4/5 class.


The aim of the enquiry was to investigate the impact of TPS in the classroom in order to engage and assess pupils in their learning.

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