Patricia Bryce


St. Andrew's High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Pupils are Given Regular Feedback by a Peer Supporter?


In 1998, the publication of Inside the Black Box laid out a case for the use of formative assessment in the classroom. In their work, Black and Wiliam described a range of strategies for improving learning and teaching through formative assessment (Black and Wiliam, 1998). Since then formative assessment has influenced education throughout the world including the Scottish Government’s Assessment is for Learning programme and Curriculum for Excellence (Scottish Government, 2011). A variety of formative assessment strategies are used in the daily practice of teachers with varying degrees of success. For the purpose of this enquiry, the focus was to develop an understanding of the effectiveness of peer assessment.


The aim for this practitioner enquiry was to find out what happens when pupils give and receive effective feedback through peer assessment. This involved evaluating the quality of pupil feedback comments and how pupils felt about peer feedback to see how this enquiry affected them. This enquiry focussed on identifying necessary supports to achieve effective peer assessment and to further develop teacher skills in delivering peer assessment.

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