Pauline Schammas

Primary Teacher

St. Mary's Primary Cumbernauld

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when I give real time, verbal feedback to my pupils?


Formative assessment, or Assessment is for Learning (“AifL”), is integral to the Curriculum for Excellence “because it can give learners, and those who teach and nurture them, the feedback they need to improve their learning” (TSG, 2005).

Feedback is one of the five key strategies of effective formative assessment (Wiliams, 2006) but is in itself only effective if it is task driven, rather than ego driven. This means that feedback should be specific, constructive and actionable, focusing on what the individual needs to do to improve (Wiliams, 2015).

Carol Dweck supports the view of implementing task driven feedback to improve learning, suggesting that feedback should, “talk about what you’ve tried, and what you can try next” (2015).


The aim of this practitioner enquiry was to explore the impact of introducing real time, verbal, task involving, feedback within a primary classroom on a daily basis, in relation to achievement of core targets within Literacy lessons.

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