Rachel Easson

Business Education

Chryston High

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Whole Class Target Setting in the Classroom


“Motivation is not something that people do to others. Motivation occurs within people’s minds and hearts.” (Denhardt et al., 2008, p. 147)

This enquiry came to fruition through my frustrations with pupils have a “can’t” attitude to learning.

When thinking about why this was the case with my group, our discussions brought forth a common theme that pupils did not have the mindset to push themselves and that as educators we perhaps weren’t providing enough of an opportunity for pupils to do this.

This gave us the plan to research how we can motivate our pupils to achieve their best. Through discussion with my group, we decided to focus on setting targets for pupils to aim to achieve.


Through this enquiry we wish to find out:

  • Does setting targets for pupils increase their motivation?
  • Does working towards targets, improve pupils learning?
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